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Pura Comixmag Issue 3 

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Artist Profile 
yucaicon1 Yuca loved comics and artsy stuff since young but found her love for drawing while pursuing a writing diploma in Singapore Polytechnic (and has decided that she wants to do both!). Her greatest influences are animated music videos and storybooks....
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Rixou Liu Jiahui
rixou-avatar Rixou first experienced comics production as a student reporter with local Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. She received her first illustrating commission while pursuing an Architecture degree in the National University of Singapore, and ...
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Lim Li Xian Allison
Also known as MewArrow online. Allison spends most of her time indoors usually drawing or playing games. She has been drawing comics as personal projects, and has an interest in creating games and videos, but mainly does simple...
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Selected aspiring artists get the full experience of professional publishing, from pitching their story ...
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